Date: 2017-01-07 12:15 pm (UTC)
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:D I'm glad you found so many Gs, despite their poor showing in Czech! Yes, lots of Gs in Tolkien - I'm glad you chose Goldberry! She's such an interesting creation - as you say, Tom Bombadil does seem to be "above (?)" such things as personal relationships, so what is Goldberry, that he has remade himself to the extent of being united with her? Fascinating! So much more than the visual. What I get from both of them (individually and together, ie as a couple) is their unshakeable confidence in who they are. (By the way, what's the etymology of Zlatěnka?)

I like your point about Gimli being/becoming worthy of saving the world - great thought! (And yes, a bit of a token Dwarf. :( )

Glimfeather - I like your take on her gender. (I'm not entirely persuaded, but adopt the feminine in deference to my host's conviction. ;) ) In support, I offer that Lewis himself doesn't ever use a male pronoun for her, so leaving it (inadvertently, I expect) an open question: For example:
"I do believe it's Glimfeather!" [says Jill.]

"True, true," whirred the Owl, lifting its head out from under its wing and opening one eye.

It's true that Trumpkin calls her "Master Glimfeather" but then what would a Dwarf know, any more than Humans, of Birdish ways? And Trumpkin has been known to get things wrong before this!
(Lewis doesn't ever give Sallowpad a gender-specific pronoun, either, so she might as well be female as male, too.)
Yes, definitely about being "one of the Beasts who are very obviously Beasts", showing Owlishness in being nocturnal for example (as well as inconveniently snapping at passing bats).

I don't know Magrat Garlick - but based on your description, I should! She sounds a character worth getting to know. :)
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