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Take 1 as in, my initial thoughts on it. :-)

I've made three claims; two stories down, one to go.

Someone made a claim on my prompt overnight - yes, indeed, I've been sitting like a stupid watchdog on it. The claim's made me giddily happy, even though there's no story yet.

The whole exercise, especially thinking about a "safe story" for the prompt, has also made me realise that in the recent months (not sure how long), I've adopted a much more cavalier attitude towards my creations than I'd had for the rest of my life before.
I used to be very possessive. Possessive of my characters, yes, but also possessive of my ideas, sometimes even when they were stupid. I'd had, years ago, received some constructive criticism on some (original) ideas of mine, and taken it badly. Not badly in the sense that I'd lash out at the commenter (I hope); but badly in the sense that I realised I may not be ready to bring my skin to the marketplace yet, so to say. (That's a Czech saying. Unless other nations say it, too.)
And I had the mindset of "no one knows better than me how this is supposed to go."

But then, writing The Peridan Chronicles in serialised form, with immediate feedback and people getting ideas - this slowly began to change. I disregard many of the ideas, because they do not fit the way I know it's supposed to go. But sometimes the ideas give me ideas. Sometimes readers notice things I've overlooked in my writing excitement, and it's a good thing to listen.
(This here is my many thanks to [personal profile] heliopausa  and CaraLee in particular, who don't shy away from recklessly detailed reviews.)

And, obviously, once you start playing with someone else's characters, you can't feel too possessive about them, even if they start occupying your thoughts the exact same way original characters do - sometimes more. You start treating them as people in their own right. (Methos is particularly good for this. As conflicted as I am about many Highlander things, I'll forever be grateful to it for giving us such a fun complex character.)

And then there was the Three Sentence Ficathon earlier this year, and people interpreting my prompts in ways I had not envisioned, and then, especially, the communal effort that is the Kangarooverse.

So now that I was looking at my stories, I realised I did not feel all that attached to any of them to prevent them from being remixed. I guess this means, if I ever publish any original work, I may be less bothered by fandom. :D
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