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marmota_b ([personal profile] marmota_b) wrote2016-07-30 01:08 pm

NFE 2016 - Take 1

So the assignments have been sent out, and a few days later, I have started working on an idea. I have 591 words of mostly accompanying fluff / character exposition. I love the character side of the plot already. The other side of the plot that should happen somewhere in between turns out to be a whodunnit, and will have to be a lot longer than that. I have only a vague idea about what it should actually revolve about.

It also requires research. Lots of research.

Inspiration is *insert expletive of your own choice*.

P.S. 1153 words in. More of the character plot. Only a teeny tiny bit more of the other plot.
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For what it's worth, I'm impressed. I'm still mulling ideas for mine!
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*cheers you onward*