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I've been searching for this on YouTube for several years now, because I've wanted to share it with my online friends. The sound of my childhood Christmases. "The Old Notes", as I called the LP because of the cover. It was usually taken out somewhere around the beginning of Advent, I think, maybe on my birthday, or - well, I don't really remember anymore, just that it's an integral part of Christmastime for me. Tomorrow is the first Advent Sunday, so it's a good time for a repeat.


If you click through to YouTube, there's a list of the songs and performers in the description. I really like or love all of it, but my greatest personal favourites are 6 and 7, with 7 being the absolute favourite. (The completely instrumental 9 then pretty much encompasses that warm childhood Christmas feeling I get from the whole thing.) I still can't understand all of the lyrics, though, before you ask. It's not that I couldn't understand the language of the time, it's not that terribly different in the 15th century (unlike the writing, as the images in the video prove); I just can't understand what they're singing there...

I could not have found it even if it were on YouTube earlier than it was; the actual name of the LP is not listed. I think I seredipitiously found it now because YouTube offered it to me from a video about historical clothing.

It's probably my childhood speaking, but you just can't beat 15th century music for a really special feel.
The absolutely most popular Czech Christmas song - and I mean this, people would stand up to sing it as if it were a national anthem - also goes back to the 15th century, although it seems to have gotten a baroque makeover along the way. And with such a hugely popular song, I just can't gather the strength to dive into the deluge of versions on YouTube to find one I would like - not to mention the time.

(It seems my entries here tend to end up with the bunny at the bottom thinking of carrot all the time, because the entries tend to be contemplative, one way or the other, and apparently that's what bunnies think about all the time. Carrots. - This came out sounding like a double entendre. It wasn't meant to.)
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My father seemed to be celebrating November 17th with "We Shall Overcome"; he played it twice today.
But then he ruined the impression with other songs, for the large part Latvian. E.g. Pazudušais déls by Jauns Mēness. Followed by Prāta Vētra's Lapsa. Can't say I blame him for either. Then he completely ruined the mood with a song by a Slovak punk band. Followed immediately by another by Jauns Mēness. He finished the whole session with Something by Beatles. His song selection technique is very odd.

The first, though, was sung during the events of November 1989, in the Czech version popularised by Spirituál Kvintet. Which is why it seemed like a timely celebration.
Well, except that he chose the version by Bruce Springsteen. For reasons I don't entirely understand (see above about his eclectic musical tastes), he really likes him in the Seeger Sessions attitude.

Just so you know I'm not pulling your leg, here's the historic Czech version:

You can find nearly everything on YouTube these days.
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I believe the phrase is "this band rocks".

This song seems to be more of an outlier in their repertoire - communism wasn't very friendly to rocking bands - but goodness. Do they ever rock.

That picture there is the exact same LP we have.

(Dreamwidth's ecstatic bunny bounces to the rhythm. It's slightly mind-boggling.)

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Well. The snow helps; we've been having hot and dry weather for way longer than is natural.

But the main reason I'm sharing this song (this instrumental arrangement) is because it's an old, old favourite. We've had an LP of this Polish band all my life, we used to love it as children, I still love it, even in its faded scratched LP-into-computer state; and now this clearer version... yeah. It's perfect.


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